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Up until some time last year, I had NEVER seen an Indie flick. Well, at least that I was aware of. Turned out, I had actually seen a fair few of them, and just didn't realize it! Films like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Darko were on the list, among many others that I never would have realized were independent flicks until I did a bit of research.

So why did I never go out of my way to watch a film that I well and truly knew was independent? Well I guess it's because I had it in my head that indie films weren't as good as the high budget Hollywood films, and now that I look back, I really have no idea why I thought that way.

The Last Showing (2014)
The Last Showing (2014)

Anyway, enough about the highly successful indie flicks, as I'd like to talk a little more about the lesser known, lower rated films, which really should be given more of a chance! In the past couple of weeks I have watched a couple of 'poorly rated' independent films, and I would say I found them both to be rather fun.

The first film was 'The Last Showing' , which is actor Robert Englund's latest thriller flick, and it's been panned by critics as being 'severely disappointing'. Personally, although I wouldn't say this film was absolutely amazing, it deserves more than the 5/10 rating that it has on IMDB. It's a fun film, definitely watchable, and you don't get bored watching it - so what's the problem film critics?

The second film was from 2007, named 'Drive Thru' - now I'll say this much: The film itself was bad. Like, poor acting, unbelievable scenes etc.... but I still liked it! I had a few good laughs, the main villain was actually one of the coolest I'd ever seen in a slasher movie, and I'd definitely watch a sequel if one were ever made.

'Drive Thru' (2007)
'Drive Thru' (2007)

So what even IS the point of this article??

Well, the point that I'm really trying to get across is this: Give indie films a chance, and ignore the ratings. Sure, if a film is rated 1-4 stars, chances are that it's really not going to be great - but then again, you could just find a super underrated flick that you personally really enjoy - so you never know!

Often Indie flicks will get a bad reputation, simply because people go into them expecting a serious, scary horror flick. I've found that if you go into a movie with low expectations, and don't expect all aspects of the film (effects, acting, plot) to be 100% believable, then these movies are actually a lot more fun. The gore is copious and fake looking, the acting is bad and the plot is questionable, but just give it a try, don't be judgemental, and you never know, you may just find your new favourite film!


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