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So I wasn’t going to watch this since every person that saw it hated it but I really needed to watch the Aaliyah: The Princess of R & B movie for my own personal benefit.

So VH1 has a tendency of doing bad biographies i.e. The Brittany Murphy Story, Anna Nicole, and let’s not forget Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret.

So I decided to mentally prepare myself to watch Aaliyah: The Princess of R & B with high hopes and as soon as the first scene came on I was done. So Wendy Williams was the executive producer of this horrendous movie, she says she is quite proud of this movie, well if you are proud of trash I guess that is something to be proud of.

Wendy Williams never should have made this god awful movie. If you haven’t seen this movie you may be wondering what could possibly be wrong with this movie. Well here it goes.

1. They couldn’t use any of Aaliyah’s music because they didn’t get the rights to do so making it impossible for them to actually do any scenes requiring Alexandra Shipp (Aaliyah) to sing or do any of her music videos except for two or three songs Alexandra Shipp sang throughout the movie (not good enough). How do you make a biopic about a singer and not use her music? You can’t.

2. The lack of good casting i.e. Cle’ Bennett as R. Kelly (looked nothing like R. Kelly), Chattrisse Dolabaille as Missy Elliott (looked nothing like Missy Elliott), and Izaak Smith as Timbaland (looked nothing like TImbaland).

3. Aaliyah’s actual parents didn’t like this movie, didn’t approve it, and were against them making this movie; they felt it wasn’t done with Aaliyah’s best intentions.

4. The acting was terrible, not convincing, was pretty bad.

5. The movie felt rushed, very low budget.

As you can see this movie was terrible. As an Aaliyah fan, I was highly disappointed with how this movie was done. I think everyone should see this movie at least once, just once, that is more than enough.

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