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Not too long ago, I talked about a couple of the films produced by the well-known studio known as the Asylum. Those two films were mockbusters known as Transmorphers and Age of the Hobbits. The former was derivative of the 2007 Transformers movie, while the latter is derivative of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (there was also a lawsuit from Warner Bros. regarding the movie). But, did you know that there was a mockbuster of Marvel's 2011 Thor movie?

That's right! On May 7, 2011, a day after the release of Thor, the Asylum unleashed a mockbuster called Almighty Thor. The film premiered on Syfy, and was released later released on DVD. Unlike Marvel's Thor, which was obviously based off of the famous comic book character, Almighty Thor was more based off of the traditional Thor from Norse mythology, and it features a younger version of the titular character. The film also had a scene where they are in a modern city (I think, according to some pictures I saw on Google Images). Little-known actor Cody Deal played Thor, and other stars included professional wrestler Kevin Nash, who played Odin, Venezuelan-born actress/fashion model Patricia Velásquez, who played the Valkyrie Jarnsaxa, and actor/fashion model Richard Grieco, who played Loki.

Like many of the Asylum's mockbusters, Almighty Thor was made with a lower budget. The film costed around $200,000 to make.

Unlike Thor, this mockbuster received mostly negative reviews from critics. For example, Phil Dyess-Nugent of The A.V. Club stated of the film's final battle:

"The comic high point is a fight between Thor and Loki, with the guys spinning around and waving their weapons at each other while keeping one eye peeled for cops who might demand to see their filming permit."

Almighty Thor might become a cult classic in recent years; Mystery Science Theater 3000 might get a possible television reboot, so Almighty Thor would definitely make a good episode of it!


What are your thoughts on the Asylum's Almighty Thor?


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