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The screen writers colony is a non-profit organization aimed at developing up and coming screenwriters by offering time to develop their projects, and one on one mentorship; all in the scenic and calm environment of Nantucket Island. Potential screenwriters submit their written works to the organization and the colony panel reviews them. Once a year 10 finalist are chosen. Out of the 10, four participants will get the chance to improve their scripts with the assistance mentors who help them streamline their scripts and ready them for distribution production. Here is what they are looking for when reviewing scripts:

  • Exciting and passionate story telling
  • Strong comprehension of grammar and the English language.
  • All genres and budgets are welcome

The program has been generating alumni for 12 years, and has produced some of the most popular stories for TV and film to date. Some of the films from Alumni include: Raising Victor Vargas written by Eva Vives, 2009, Orange is the New Black written by Sian Heder, just to name a few. It gets even better with the award winning mentorship The Screen Writers Colony brings in to help these young writers. Mentors include, writer/director Craig Zobel, (Compliance, 2013, Z for Zachariah, 2015\ and writer\director Patty Jenkins (Monster, 2003 and The Killing, 2011)

For aspiring screenwriters, this program is the one to be part of. I wanted to spread the word about this organization because it’s a great way to develop yourself as a person and an artist. I could go on and on about it, but you’ll have to do some digging yourself. Click HERE to go to The Screen Writers Colony website to find out how you can participate. Good luck to all who apply!

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