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10 - The Bay (2012)

The Bay has some interesting pov that were a little refreshing for the subgenre and were enjoyable. What was most enjoyable, however, were the nasty gross bug scenes (everyone whose seen the movie knows what I’m talking about) and the apocalyptic feel to the film. Well done and worth a watch.

9 - Willow Creek (2013)

There are few disappointments with this film by Bobcat Goldthwait. The things that are bothersome about this one are also what make it special. It follows The Blair Witch a little too closely, but this makes for a great homage to a great genre-bending film. There are some scenes near the end that are just plain creepy as well.

8 - VHS (2012)

This anthology found footage is really creepy in all the right places. Two stories in this really stand out: the alien girl and the newlyweds.

7 - The River (2012)

Although a television show that was cancelled after the first season, almost all eight episodes of The River had something exciting and/or creepy enough for a short movie. The ending is pretty good, too, considering the whole found footage feel to the story. If you haven’t checked this series out and you are a fan of found footage style of story telling, then you should give it a watch.

6 - Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfield tends to be in the middle of the road for most. You either love or hate it. We happen to love it. It’s about a giant lizard that decimates New York City. If you can stand some spots of extreme shaky cam, then this movie might be for you.

5 - Grave Encounters (2011)

This movie is like a descent into madness which, if done well, is almost always a favorite. A camera crew and hosts for a ghost hunting television show, Grave Encounters, encounters a real haunting in an abandoned asylum. What they find refuses to stop playing with them, as well. Very grim and very good.

4 - Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity somehow mastered the jump scare. Where in other movies the jump scare could be considered a cheap, hack job at getting scares, director Oren Peli is a genius at creating and building suspense and paying it off.

3 - Rec (2007)

The Rec movies, to the third, are all really well done. This one, however, is perhaps the most chilling. Especially the scene at the end with that … thing. Still give me the creeps just thinking about it. What also makes this movie so good is the idea of being quarantined in an apartment building with monsters/demons. You do what you’re told and you’re at threat to be killed by said monsters. You try to get out and your own people shoot you dead. No real way of winning in this one.

2 - The Afflicted (2013)

The Afflicted also has a really great premise: you go to Europe to pretty much back pack it across the land over the pond. While in a bar and trying to pick up women, you find one who bites you and begins sucking on your blood. If it wasn’t for your comrade, she might have sucked you dry. And now, you find yourself changing. You sleep all day and cannot eat food. You crave human blood.

A fascinating film.

1 - The Sacrament (2014)

This movie was a ton of fun to watch, which is surprising given its own interesting premise: the camera crew for a television show head to a commune where one of their member’s sister had disappeared with. While there they find that she’s fallen into a Christian-like cult who wish to be left alone by the rest of society. They will do anything to hold on to their secrecy. The result it terrifying, and reminiscent of real events we’re all familiar with.

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