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While many moviegoers (including myself) were in awe at the sheer scope and ambition of Interstellar, some have taken to the internet to point out the flaws in its science. Mainly, many argue that no man could handle the intense gravitational pull of a wormhole. Even people who love the film have been constructively criticizing how its events are just not plausible in reality. One of these critics is childhood icon: Bill Nye of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Business Insider recently released a video of Nye explaining how human travel through a wormhole is unfathomable. When asked about Interstellar's concept, Nye stated:

It's a cool idea. It's a cool idea, but getting to another star system is NOT trivial. It is reasonable that there is such a thing as a wormhole through interstellar space. But as far as anybody knows, it would kill you...the amount of gravity between your feet and your head would stretch you into, as the saying goes: a piece of'd be dead.

Well, it seems like the Science Guy has spoken. Looks like humanity won't be crossing wormholes anytime soon. Bummer. Nevertheless, he encourages that people shouldn't take the film's science too seriously, as it is just fiction.

It's charming science fiction. I mean, I grew up on Star Trek. Everybody speaks English, they beam up and down, there's gravity all over the place. It's good.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Bill Nye has added his two cents to a Syncopy film. Last year, he was in a promotional video explaining how Superman would shave in Man of Steel.

If you loved Bill Nye as a kid, or are interested in science in general, I suggest looking of more of his work. He is just as informative as he was in the 90's, perhaps even more. If you are looking for his more recent and complex insight, you can order his newest book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. Now here's that famous theme song to crank up your nostalgia senses:


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