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From the start Harrison Wells has been a character with secrets and has been a kind of mystery. Many rumors and theories as surfaced the internet from the time first episode aired. Many believe he will be the Reverse- Flash.

Reverse- Flash
Reverse- Flash

As we have seen many scenes Showing Wells the man who knows the future. It is likely he may be working with the Reverse Flash (the man in the lightning) who told him about the future. Either he is expecting to gain something from the Reverse-Flash (like save his wife's life through time travel) or he may be threatened in some way by guy. Either way he may not get what he expects, as villains always betrays.


He could even be independent trying to shape the path for the Flash so that he can change the course of events. The event we saw in the newspaper in episode 1 "FLASH MISSING, VANISHES IN CRISES", Wells may be trying to change it. Therefore protecting and preparing The Flash till he is in a position to fight the threats on the way. Making him a hero the world needs.

News from April 25 2024
News from April 25 2024

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