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I don't know about you but there are certain theme songs from beloved childhood TV shows that will always have me singing along, Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and of course Arthur.

Arthur is the great little cartoon about 8-year-old Arthur Read and his friends and family. Arthur began airing in 1996 and 18 Seasons later is still going strong!

It turns out Arthur has a firm place in the heart of many 90s kids, so much so that some talented artists over at DeviantArt have even taken on the challenge of imagining what the cast of Arthur would look like as humans!

Take a listen to Arthur's awesome theme song and check out how these DeviantArtists imagined the cast of Arthur as humans:

(damn that's a good theme song)

Francine, the Brain, D.W., Arthur, and Muffy hanging out

How cute does little D.W. look? I think Francine looks especially spot on and complete with soccerball!

Made by DeviantArtist boscaresque


Arthur struggles with his sisters, D.W. and Kate

Uh oh Arthur, you've got your hands full with those two! Did you know that D.W. is short for Dora Winifred? I missed that detail when I was kid!

Made by DeviantArtist xXAnimefreak13Xx


Arthur, DW and Pal

I loved Arthur's cute little puppy Pal when I was a kid, and definitely wanted a little Pal of my own...though I guess unlike the show, a real puppy would eventually grow!

Made by DeviantArtist Deus-Marionette


Arthur and his friends

Binky looks perfect in this version - check out his little snaggle teeth! And Prunella and Sue Ellen's face shape and hair is exactly what I imagined as well.

Made by DeviantArtist Kiki4rich


Arthur's classmates

Aw Buster's jovial little face is so cute!

Made by DeviantArtist McDalek


Arthur and Francine

This one is a little manga style and I like it! They both look just how I'd imagine, though I guess this is from their teenage years.

Made by DeviantArtist fluffy-fuzzy-ears


Arthur, Buster and the Brain

Another one from the Arthur teenage years but this time it's a cartoon! The Brain is in the background spouting off useful information...and Arthur rather unkindly telling him to shut up. Surely there's been an episode on manners!?

Made by DeviantArtist fluffy-fuzzy-ears


Eight-year-old Muffy and her teenage self!

Rich kid Muffy Croswire was the token snobby, spoiled girl of the group. She loved her purple dress as an 8-year-old and I guess she still loves it as a 13 year old too!

Made by DeviantArtist purplebaer


Arthur and Sue Ellen

I don't remember too much about Sue Ellen except that she was a cat, but it turns out in the show she was the daughter of a diplomat, ooh fancy! I'm not quite sure what Sue Ellen and Arthur are doing on the grass among the books, but Arthur's eyes are telling an interesting story of their own!

Made by DeviantArtist SarcasticLeaves


The original cast of Arthur

Muffy, Brain, D.W., Buster, Arthur, Francine and Binky in all their glory!


Which was your favorite episode of Arthur?


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