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Imagine discovering a beautiful, handcrafted old case in a dumpster only to open it and discover a wealth of drawings so weird that nobody has ever managed to explain them.

Reddit user TramStopDan had exactly that experience, and the bizarre, intricately detailed relics that he stumbled upon have to be seen to be believed.

When the mysterious treasure trove was opened in what may have been the first time in decades, the following artefacts were discovered in roughly the order seen below.

The handwriting is so neat it looks printed
The handwriting is so neat it looks printed

Intricate handwriting that speaks of an "obvious other-world invasion" cunningly concealed in unusual cloud formations hints that the owner (who we will address as 'he' for conveniences sake) might have had some sort of paranormal experience...

...That he could have been using this hand drawn periodic table of the elements to try and make sense of.

A detailed patent drawing for a roller bearing
A detailed patent drawing for a roller bearing

Whoever created this box of intrigue was clearly a master draftsman with an analytical, scientific mind who created some beautiful patent drawings of new inventions...

This drawing is dated all the way back in 1939
This drawing is dated all the way back in 1939

...Even though the drawings are painstakingly precise and meticulously detailed, bizarrely none of them were ever actually logged with the US patent office.

Along with the patents, there was also a map detailing commercial air-travel routes that appears to be from the early '60s...

...And a collection of hand drawn maps that were created with a centre point that could possibly mean that they are meant to interconnect in a way that only the original owner could know.

With some of them arranged in incomprehensible geometric arrangements.

In the entire collection of artifacts, the only clue we get about the former owner is this vetran's medical card suggesting that he may have served in WWII.

The only clue of the owner's identity
The only clue of the owner's identity

As if things weren't strange enough already, the next piece of evidence speaks of some sort of extraterrestrial encounter in Tampa that changed the owner forever.

'an extraterrestrial visitiation'
'an extraterrestrial visitiation'

The flying saucers the owner drew might be straight from sci-fi pop culture, but the owners of the craft in question appear to be some sort of angelic beings.

Despite the erratic handwriting that appears on the latter images, the curator of the chest still possessed enviable drawing skills, which he used to depict other fantastical beings.

This drawing is dated 1965
This drawing is dated 1965

In fact, the creature above seized the creator's imagination with such force that he drew it at least six times in immense detail.

Some people who have seen the drawings theorize that the artist could have taken his inspiration from the book of Ezekiel which mentions a creature with the heads of a man, an ox, an eagle and a lion and 'wheels within wheels'....

...But. nobody has found a significant explanation for the uncanny fusion of biblical and extraterrestrial themes.

What are your thoughts on the owner of the mystery box?

Could he (or indeed, she) have experienced a genuine extraterrestrial experience that changed him for life? was he a traumatized war vetran who was left mentally scarred? or maybe he was simply an author weaving together an elaborate expanded universe.

Leave your thoughts on the affectionately named 'box of crazy' in the comments below!


Who do you think the creator of the mysterious box really was?

(Source: Go Social via Reddit)


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