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What is it exactly with Russia and things exploding in its sky? First there was the Tunguska event in 1908, this was followed by a similar, if less catastrophic explosion when a meteorite exploded in the sky over Chelyabinsk in 2013. Now, another strange light has been seen in the sky over Russia, and no one is entirely sure how to explain it.

On Friday, November 14, locals and drivers around the Sverdlovsk region saw a large orange burst of light in the sky. The event was caught by several dash-top cameras - which are commonly used in Russia for insurance purposes. Check out one such video below:

What Could Have Caused It?

Military munitions dump?

At the moment, experts are at a loss to explain what has occurred. Initially, it was thought the glow could be clouds reflecting a routine munitions disposal. However, there are no military bases nearby, and military officials have claimed they were not involved.

A meteor?

Following this, it was suggested the bright glow could have been a bolide associated with the Leonids meteor shower. Although this would make sense considering previous similar events, the color appears to be incorrect for this natural phenomenon. Meteors burning up in the atmosphere most frequently appear white, blue or green due to the temperature of passing through the atmosphere. Furthermore, the glow does not appear to move with the trajectory of a meteor.

A rocket ship?

A second video also threw another theory into the ring. From a different vantage point, we can make out what appears to be a burst of light on the ground, suggesting the glow in the sky is merely reflecting an event taking place on land. Close to the area is the Plesetsk cosmodrome, which led to speculation it could have been a rocket launch. However, the authorities have announced they did not make any launches during this time. Watch the video below, and keep an eye on the horizon to left at around the 24 second mark.

After viewing the second video, I think it's fairly clear something occurred on the ground - although this doesn't exactly go a long way to solving the mystery.

Despite this, the usual conspiracy have emerged talking of things such as secret military operations, Cold War-esque missile launches and of course, everyone's favorite, UFOs.

Do you think you can explain it?


What do you think the bright light was?

Source: IFLScience


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