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The Goonies is arguably the quintessential kids movie of the '80s and one that many of us hold close to our nostalgic, neon spattered hearts.

This lighthearted treasure-hunting masterpiece might have captured our youthful imaginations, but how have the cast fared on life's great adventure, over 29 years later?

Let's truffle shuffle down memory lane to see how much this intrepid gang have achieved since their days in the Goon Docks.

Mikey (Sean Astin)

Age Then: 13

Age Now: 43

What Else Can I See Him In? The Goonies was Astin's first movie role, and his charm and talent won him a whole heap of other roles before his 18th birthday including the black comedy The War of the Roses where he played Michael Douglas' son.

In 1991 Astin starred in another kid's classic, Toy Soldiers, but he is probably most recognizable for the roles that he took on when he was in his 30s.

The actor behind angel faced Mikey in The Goonies is also the naive and immensely huggable Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Fun Fact: Astin isn't naturally portly and he had to gain 40 pounds to play the cuddly Samwise in Lord of the Rings. According to Sean, Peter Jackson just couldn't feed him up enough and was always requesting "A little more food for Mr. Astin" in the catering tent.


Brand (Josh Brolin)

Age Then: 17

Age Now: 46

What Else Can I See Him In? Brolin might have made his breakthrough as a teenager, but it was a long time until he produced his best work.

2007 and 2008 were bumper years for the 46-year-old actor, with him receiving multiple award nominations for his role as Llewelyn Moss in No Country for Old Men and being nominated for an Oscar for his role as Dan White in the Harvey Milk biopic, Milk.

You might not have known this, but Brolin was also the voice of Thanos in the Marvel blockbuster [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073).

Fun Fact: Josh Brolin was part of a punk rock surfing group called the 'Cito Rats' when he was a teenager. He admits to stealing cars to feed his drug use at the time. Although Brolin escaped the grips of heroin and other substances, the majority of the friends he grew up with are now dead. Brolin sites the death toll as nineteen so far.


Chunk (Jeff Cohen)

Age Then: 11

Age Now: 40

My colleague Jess wrote a comprehensive breakdown of what Cohen's been up to since truffle shuffling his way into our hearts that you can have a peek at HERE!


Mouth (Corey Feldman)

Age Then: 13

Age Now: 43

What Else Can I See Him In? Despite only being 13 in The Goonies, Feldman already had a major hit under his belt thanks to 1984's cult classic, Gremlins.

A quintessential child actor of the '80s, Feldma was also the voice of young Copper in Disney's The Fox and the Hound, had a starring role as Edgar Frost in The Lost Boys, and made us all weep in the touching coming of age tale Stand by Me.

Feldman's career has been less impressive since he left his teenage years behind and the most notable roles he has nabbed as an adult are in the critically panned Lost Boys sequels.

Fun Fact: Corey Feldman has been in over 80 movies in his 35 year long career.


Andy (Kerri Green)

Age Then: 18

Age Now: 47

What Else Can I See Her In? Kerri Green's acting window was a short one, so if you want to see more of her your choices are limited.

Your best bet is probably 1986's Lucas where Green plays Maggie alongside an all star cast including '80s royalty Corey Haim, Charlie Sheen, and Winona Rider.

Green gave up acting to study Art at Vasser College and she eventually founded a movie production company named Independent Women Artists.

Fun Fact: Although Kerri Green was lucky enough to be a Goonie, she was the only main cast member who didn't appear in the music video for Cyndi Lauper's The Goonies R Good Enough.


Stef (Martha Plimpton)

Age Then: 15

Age Now: 44

What Else Can I See Her In? Martha Plimton has featured in a surprising amount of movies, but her most recognizable offering is probably 1989's Parenthood where she plays Julie Buckman-Higgins alongside Steve Martin and a young Keanu Reeves.

Her latest successes have both been on the small screen with her Emmy winning turn as Patti Nyholm in The Good Wife and her Emmy nominated performance as Virginia Chance in Raising Hope.

Fun Fact: Martha Plimpton dated River Phoenix before his death in 1993. She broke up with him due to fears over his spiraling recreational drug use.


Data (Jonathan Ke Quan)

Age Then: 13

Age Now: 43

Jonathan Ke Quan also played the iconic Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and the wonderful Alisha has written up everything you need to know about him HERE!


Which Goonies star do you think has had the most successful career?

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