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So GTA V is finally on our Xbox One and PS4 consoles. People all over the world have been running home to check out how great their adored franchise looks on NextGen. In case you haven't heard, it brings us closer to the action than ever before...sorry, bad pun... including getting up close and (first) personal with GTA's women of the night (and for that pun).

GTA V...yeah
GTA V...yeah

Yep, you're seeing that correctly. As many have confirmed, the scandalous aspects of GTA V are heightened in first person, and this one just takes the cake. When you pick up a prostitute in the game and drive to a secluded location, you'll receive four prompt options: $50, $70, $100 and Decline Service. Naturally, I have yet to see any videos in which the latter is opted for without trying out the others first.

I thought she had a soul patch there...
I thought she had a soul patch there...

$50 gets you...well you've seen the gif! $70 seems to just be the shorter version of the $100 option, where the woman straddles you in the car and goes to town while shouting things taken straight out of a porno. All I can think of is how strange it must have been to record this dialogue... The strangest thing is after this entire scene, she says "I feel like I can really talk to you!" Right...

You can check out the full "adventure" below!


Would you try this in GTA V?


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