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Okay, so here's the latest scoop on what's been going on for this film. 'Benedict Cumberbatch was at the Hollywood Film Awards where he was being honored, and when a reporter went to ask him about the role, he gave the dummy line: 'I don't know anything about that.'

Of course, this is not a news flash, as actors when they DO get a role are sworn to secrecy in order to prevent any leaks getting to the press or having videos go completely viral by unknown parties.

The most that has been said from Marvel, according to The Wrap, is that he is their top pick for playing the role, but yet nothing has been solidified yet. As it is, Benedict has been making every excuse in the book about having to work on the filming of his next season of Sherlock for the BBC as well as wanting to do some sort of stage work later in the year. Now, if this is the case, is he really doing what he claims or is he using some sort of scripted speech in order to keep the press off his back? There is no way to tell at this point.

But, it turns out that there were a few other big names dropped as well that Marvel was looking at to play the mystical hero. Those name were:

1) Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin to me is a hit and miss actor, and with the Oscar nod for his performance inthe movie, Her, I can kind of see Marvel's thinking. The fact that they have an A-lister that gets that kind of recognition, who wouldn't want this guy in a Marvel movie?

2) Keanu Reeves

Keanu has always proven himself when he works, and just about every film that he has done in his life has ended up being gold! (ie The Matrix, Point Break, Chain Reaction, A Walk In The Clouds, Little Buddha, even Bill and Ted!) But, it makes me ask the question: is it the way that he looks or is it truly the work? I mean, he does look a lot closer to the archetype of Doctor Stephen Strange than Benedict. But, how one looks is not everything.

3) Colin Farrell

Okay, now this was merely a nod because he has done a Marvel movie before (* Daredevil, opposite Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner). Colin in most roles has a very rough exterior (both in his acting and in his real life). The character of Doctor Strange was, indeed, a self-centered physician who loses his ability to work after a tragic car accident that makes him lose the use of his hands. In acting ability, I can see this with him, but as the character itself looks-wise, I would have to see what costuming and makeup would do.

So, needless to say, the casting is still up in the air even after all of the news wires have cemented that Cumberbatch had the role of [Doctor Strange](movie:559685). So much for certainty!

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