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If there's one movie that's defined the cinematic universe this year, it's most likely Guardians of the Galaxy. After blowing away all critical and financial expectations on its release this summer, Guardians proceeded to charm its way into our hearts, too. Even the raised bar created by Marvel's previous efforts failed to lessen the cultural impact of a movie that featured 'that guy from Parks and Recreation' in the lead role, a talking raccoon, and a monosyllabic tree-man.

So, it's not all that surprising that Youtube favorites How It Should Have Ended have given the movie their traditional good-natured skewering - providing us with a few alternatives to the movie's actual ending...

Now, that's great and all - and there's some valid points in there - but as always, it's not the actual endings that make HISHE great.

Instead, the best part?

I am Groot.

I'm Batman.

I am Groot.

I'm Batman.


Well, you get the idea.

Still - gets me every time.

What do you guys reckon, though?


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