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Were you fan of that movie in which Jason Statham played as assassin? No, not Crank, the other movie in which Jason Statham plays an assassin. Nope, I'm not talking about The Transporter either? Nope, or Redemption. I'm talking about that other movie in which Statham plays an assassin - The Mechanic.

If you were a fan of the Simon West's 2011 action thriller, then I've got good news for you, Statham is due to return in a sequel, The Mechanic: Resurrection.

Lionsgate have already announced a director, cast and release date. This outing will be helmed by Dennis Gansel and will also star Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones as well as Statham.

Of course, the ending of The Mechanic saw Arthur Bishop (Statham) rejecting this criminal ways and faking his death to live a quiet life. However, it seems circumstances conspire against him and he's forced back into action. Y'know, its basically Commando.

Mechanic: Resurrection is due to arrive in theaters on January 22nd, 2016.


Are you excited for Mechanic: Resurrection?

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