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Adrian Brody and Hayden Christensen will play two brothers with dark pasts in new action film [American Heist](movie:1015495), the latest offering from Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan.

The crime thriller is based around two brothers, Frankie (Adrian Brody) and James (Hayden Christensen) who have both served stints in jail. James is pulled into 'one last job' with his brother which turns into one of the most bloody attacks in American history.

The film, which also stars Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious) and singer Akon, promises a high-octane action flick, guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Check out the breakdown for the trailer and then watch the entire thing below:

Frankie is released from 10 years in jail

And he meets up with his brother, James

The two obviously have some unsettled business

They find themselves embroiled in "one last bank job" to solve things

But things get extremely out of hand

Check out the whole action packed thing below:

American Heist will be released by Saban Films in January, 2015.


Does American Heist look good to you?

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