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Bad news for fans of intelligently-wrought, inventively structured drama - Jobs, the Danny Boyle-directed, Aaron Sorkin-scripted biopic of Steve Jobs has reportedly been ditched by Sony.

The movie, which was intended to focus on three key moments in Jobs' life - the Mac, NeXT and iPod product launches in 1984, 1997 and 2001 - has long struggled to find a leading man, despite the undisputed quality of talent lying behind it. Michael Fassbender has been the latest actor to be linked with the part, though his involvement is obviously very much up in the air with the news of Sony's lack of interest.

I can totally see it, though...
I can totally see it, though...

The good news, though, is that - according to Deadline - Universal are reportedly interested in taking on the project - with producer Scott Rudin clearly unwilling to give up on what appears to be a passion project for many of the parties involved.

Will we ever see Jobs on screen, though?

Perhaps only time will tell - but what do you guys think?


Will we ever see Jobs on screen?

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