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Don't panic, nothing terrible happened to the baby! It was the mother who was the victim in this spine-chilling nocturnal event.

Reddit user Scottymac23 shared the following modern day ghost story with an eerie picture as supporting evidence. He claimed that his wife:

heard her name being whispered "Naa-taa-shaa

When she looked at the baby monitor to check on her supposedly sleeping infant, she was greeting by the spooky sight of her son looking like THIS!

If the image of a toddler going full Blair Witch in the darkness isn't enough to give you goosebumps, the fact that the monitor is on mute just might be...

Even if it wasn't, what sort of kid would call his mommy by her first name?

In short, I think it might be time to call the exorcist over, Scotty.


Are children the creepiest thing ever?

(Source: Imgur)


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