ByHunter Wolfgang Gomez, writer at

Last night's episode "Draw your back bow" of Arrow Season 3 premiered last night, it could not of been more drama filled. For one Ollie and his team have a new foe to fight with Cupid. Which if you don't know is a crazed, obsessive, fanatic, over the Arrow. Felicity is also going on a date with Ray Palmer AKA The Atom. Ollie gets really jealous over this and after seeing Ray and Felicity kiss he flips at the Arrow Cave when Roy walks in. Roy asks if he's okay, and when they realize that they both don't feel okay, Ollie takes Roy to Diggs house. It's really nice to see Roy and Ollie bond, it's a good dynamic to have in the show the on screen relationship between hero and sidekick.

Besides all of this going on, the real excitement in this episode is Ray Palmer and Captain Boomerang. A scene showing Captain Boomerang throwing his namesake weapon at a victim killing him is showed. However, one of the HUGE things that did occur in this episode of the revealing of Ray Palmer's holographic blueprint for his Atom Exosuit !

I apologize for the brief summary but the whole episode really took shape at the end in my opinion. Comment which Arrow event in last nights episode you guys were most excited about!


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