ByJames Gannon, writer at

It's not a coincidence that if you take the name Russell Curtis and switch it around that you almost have the name of actor Kurt Russell. That in itself is a just a glimpse into the movie related comedy in "RUSSELL CURTIS".

The film is about two time traveling Russell Curtis' who must work together in order to change the outcome of the future. The problem is one is a a bit of a jerk and looks at the younger version of himself as a coward. The acting by Chris Cipriano (who looks very much like a young Sean Penn) is great and the writing is smart and funny and filled with movie references from Beast Master 2 to the hatred of Back to the Future 3. Directed by James P. Gannon with the feel of 80's films and the use of lo-fi practical special effects. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Winner of the "Golden Delorean audience award" at Flux Fest in Brooklyn,


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