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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is undoubtedly going to be huge movie, and, like J.J. Abrams with Star Wars Episode 7, director Zack Snyder has been finding out that with a production of that size it is hard to keep anything quiet for long.

Last month there were reports that an extra on Batman vs Superman had been sued for leaking information to the press that the movie had wanted to keep quiet, and now new scenes have come out, confirming that we will see (possibly in flashback) the iconic scene where Bruce's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne are gunned down on Crime Alley.

Thomas & Martha Wayne, last moments
Thomas & Martha Wayne, last moments

Interestingly, much of this leaked information seems to fit together, building a picture of Batman vs Superman that suggests it will be the movie closest to one of the most celebrated Batman comics of all time.

Batman vs Superman or The Dark Knight Returns: What is Confirmed?

We will start with the most recent revelations - that scene on the street, where Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed.

Batman can't shake those memories
Batman can't shake those memories

Most movie versions of Batman have had Bruce Wayne's parents killed whne they come out of the opera. The Dark Knight Returns, however, tells us the story in flashback, when an older Bruce Wayne sees The Mask of Zorro come on TV, he remembers that it was the movie he went to see on that fateful night.

The Mask of Zorro: Bruce Wayne's favorite movie!
The Mask of Zorro: Bruce Wayne's favorite movie!

Added to the Zorro revelation, we have the fact that ben Affleck will play an older Batman than movie audiences are used to, plus the rumor that Jena Malone's character is playing Robin. The Robin rumor was revealed by an extra on the shoot, which led to DC and Warner Bros taking legal action. A red-headed female Robin would also fit in with the plot of The Dark Knight Returns.

Will Jena Malone play Robin?
Will Jena Malone play Robin?

The final aspects of Batman vs Superman that fit with The Dark Knight Returns are the heavily armored Batmobile, and the heavy duty armor that Batman was seen wearing the the Comic Con Teaser Trailer, as he geared up for his fight with the [Man of Steel](movie:15593).

That much we know, however, it is possible that we see other aspects from The Dark Knight Returns make their way into Batman vs Superman - and there is one thing, in particular, which stands out.

Batman vs Superman: Will We Meet The Mutants

After the events of Man of Steel, Metropolis is apparently in ruins. Gangs of protestors come out into the streets to protest the unwelcome presence of Earth of the Alien Superman - and Lex Luthor is believed to be stoking this anti-alien feeling (potentially even paving the way for a Presidential bid).

The Mutants: Thriving on chaos!
The Mutants: Thriving on chaos!

Amidst all this chaos, then, it would not be completely unexpected to see gangs of disaffected youths group together - and, in The Dark Knight Returns, there is one gang that plays a big role.

The Mutants are a crazed, feral gang, with a aggressive, psychopathic leader. Admittedly, in TDKR, they are based in Gotham, rather than Metropolis, but it would not be too much of stretch to relocate them for the movie.

In one scene, the Mutant Leader literally rips out the Mayor of [Gotham](series:1127075)'s throat with this teeth!

While that might be a step too far for Batman vs Superman, it would certainly to a welcome addition for many fans to see the ageing Batman use his years of experience to defeat the Mutant Leader in a fight in a mud pit, allowing the mud to slow his young opponent, giving the senior Batman the advantage.

Take a look at the fight in the animated The Dark Knight Returns here:

So what do you think? Could we see The Mutants in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? What elements of The Dark Knight Returns would you like to include? Write inw tih your thoughts below the line!


Will we see more elements taken from The Dark Knight Returns in Batman vs Superman?


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