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Music and comedy are two of my absolute favorite things, but oftentimes when Hollywood puts the two together it spells mediocrity, if not disaster. So when I saw the trailer for the first Pitch Perfect I pretty much shut it down immediately as another doomed attempt at a musical-ish comedy.

So imagine my surprise when a group of my guy friends (yes, all grown men) sat me down and forced me to watch it because, in their words, "It's f*cking hilarious." They were not lying. A ca-scuse me for my insolence, [Pitch Perfect](movie:589160).

Now that the full-length trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 has been released, I can start to atone for my misconceptions and pay it the proper attention. Is the trailer any good? Well, in the words of Fat Amy, "crushed it." Ch-ch-check it out:

Now let's take a look at some of the things that are making us even more excited for the sequel.

A Ca-Nose Licks

C'mon, Anna! You know you loved it.

A Ca-Campfire Singing

Plus, major bonus points for s'mores. Mmmm s'mores.

A Ca-Pillow Fight

I'll even forgive the fact that I've never seen any college-age women wearing cute pajama sets like this.

A Ca-Arm Farts

Check out Brittany Snow throwing in some serious side eye.

A Ca-David Cross

And it almost looks as if Tobias blue himself once again.

More Riff-Offs (!!!)

This ain't no empty pool business either. This is the big leagues!

A Ca-Arm Muscles

Talk about a toner.

A Ca-Competition

World Championships of A Capella? I want to go to there.

A Ca-Flula Borg

This musician/YouTube funnyman will be reppin' the German team, no doubt.

A Ca-Amazing Casting

John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks are here to remind you that nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.

A Ca-Close-up magic


A Ca-Stair Slides

This is just when she's taking a break from horizontal running.

A Ca-Wink

Whomp, there it is!

Get pumped! Get hyped! And get ready because I think that Pitch Perfect two is going to pitch-slap us in the face with its awesomeness.

[Pitch Perfect 2](movie:792597) will be released May 15.


Which of these is your favorite Pitch Perfect quote?


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