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Warning: Massive American Horror Story spoilers coming up.

It was another brutal (but riveting) watch in this week's episode of [American Horror Story](series:206668): Freak Show, "Test of Strength." We were lucky to see Bette and Dot delivered back from the clutches of deluded, rich-boy-come-maid-murderer, Dandy, sickened by the acts of Penny's horrible father turning his own daughter in a 'freak' and finally, heartbroken when fan favorite (and Ms Elsa's beloved) Ma Petite was crushed to death.

Ma Petite's tragic death came as a result of Dell (Michael Chiklis) being spotted at the local gay bar by Stanley. Dell found himself being blackmailed so his secret wouldn't be revealed to the rest of the freak show and in return for Stanley's silence, Dell was forced to bring him the body of a freak. After trying (and failing) to kill the biggest member of the freak show, Amazon Eve, Dell turned his sights to the smallest and most vulnerable member instead.

What happened next was truly heartbreaking.

Even though her death was teased by Maggie in episode six, I honestly didn't expect to see her so cruelly killed - crushed to death in a bear hug after Dell gave her a new party dress. He literally killed her with kindness.

Ma Petite's lifeless body was then revealed on display in the American Morbidity Museum, Stanely having finally found his freak - although I'm not entirely sure if Stanely will stop at killing the smallest member of the troupe, and the freak show might not be safe yet.

Jyoti Amge, who played Ma Petite, is the world's smallest living woman and really struck a chord with audiences as Elsa Mars' favorite member of the freakshow. I have a feeling we'll see her on screen in other roles, aside from Elsa Mars' personal hot water bottle.

Though her role only lasted seven episodes, there was a huge outpouring of tributes on twitter, take a look at a collection of fan outrage felt on Twitter:

RIP, Ma Petite, gone too soon!


Whose death on AHS: Freak Show has been the most brutal?

Source: Mashable, Kiss them goodbye


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