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Attempting to outdo the news of [Toy Story 4](movie:335430), Disney has announced plans to build a humongous Toy Story-themed hotel at the future Shanghai Disneyland Resort. The concept art shows absolutely enormous building nestled right next to sprawling theme park.

Disney Insider
Disney Insider

The official information is limited at this point, with Disney Insider reporting:

The Resort's Toy Story Hotel will transport guests to a world inspired by the toys from the Disney•Pixar series of Toy Story animated films.

Obviously, the next step after a vague press release like this is wild speculation. Here we go!

The concept art is clearly drawing its inspiration from Andy's room, an appropriate and recognizable starting point. But, the extensive Toy Story universe offers so many directions that this can go. With three (and soon to be four) films to grab ideas from, this hotel can branch off into multiple settings and detailed locales. Plus, if there's anything Disney Parks are known for, it's providing an immersive experience.

Here are the best Toy Story locations that should be recreated for the new hotel.

Sid's Room

Can you imagine a life-sized play arena of Sid's Room? Rounding the corner and coming face-to-face with that bald, one-eyed mechanical spider baby. Horrifyingly awesome. Naysayers may think this would be too scary for kids, but remember that all of these scary toys were simply misunderstood. This could be a life lesson in the making for your next vacation.

Al's Toy Barn

For the pool and outdoor area, there better be a section devoted to the Barbie party scene in Toy Story 2. It's okay that it totally clashes with the color scheme in the concept art. It's worth it to see Uncle Fred careen down the slide screaming, "I'm Tour Guide Barbie!"

Sunnyside Daycare

Just stepping into this room may cause a fit of nostalgia for anyone who cried during Toy Story 3 (a.k.a. every single person with functional tear ducts). To keep twentysomethings from becoming blubbering messes, let's make this a "kids only" zone with all the toys from the movies available for playtime. Maybe leave Lots-O' Huggin Bear out of the toy chest to avoid any mention of dictatorships.

Most importantly, PIZZA PLANET

I consider Pizza Planet to be the only true necessity on this list. How could Disney pass up the opportunity to have a restaurant/arcade styled after this Every kid wanted this to be real when the original Toy Story came out, and now it's your chance to make our dreams come true. Don't let me down, Disney!

While there are some real life Pizza Planets around the globe, many of them leave out some of these key details that a Toy Story hotel must include (for authenticity's sake, of course).

Think of the Alien Slime drink dispensers!

Picture pounding away at the Whack-a-Alien game!

Imagine powering this humongous laser blaster to decimate whole planets!

Essentially, make it look like this, and I'll book my ticket to Shanghai quicker than you can say "There's a snake in my boot."

At the very least, I hope there's a room for long-lost Bo Peep. Perhaps that's more important than a Pizza Planet.

What would you like to see in the Toy Story hotel?


What other Pixar movie deserves a hotel?


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