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Blogging staff on the website Fangirl Quest spent five days on the set of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) while they were filming season 4 in May, and they did something super cool. They took images of scenes from the show on an iPad and framed those images with the real location in the background. This is something that, as a fan of the show, I think is awesome but also as a fan of cool artwork in general, I think this is really a dope idea.

Check them out below:

Rick riding into Atlanta

This scene from "Days Gone By" has become, probably, the most iconic shot from the show, making its way onto posters and promo materials. This almost looks like one shot, except for the fact that the traffic on the left side of the freeway transitions from abandoned cars of people who tried to leave the city on the show to real-life modern day traffic.

Glenn and Daryl hide in an alley

This scene from "Vatos" is more difficult to frame. Since it was a close-in shot of Glenn and Daryl, their bodies were cut off. Also, the gate was closed, which made the moment more difficult to capture. Still cool, though!

Rick's Hat

Also from "Vatos", Rick's hat lies innocently on the ground next to his feet.

A closer shot of Rick riding into Atlanta

Also from "Days Gone By", the pilot episode, this is an aerial view of Rick. It looks like they repainted the lines because they don't match up exactly, but this one is pretty solid otherwise.

Andrea and Hershel wait for Rick

Jumping forward a couple seasons, this gorgeous shot from "Arrow on a Doorpost" of Andrea and Hershel waiting for Rick before the meeting with the Governor is one of their best, in my opinion.

Michonne, Carl, and Rick find a Terminus sign

This one comes from episode 11 in season 4. In "Claimed", the sign that they decide to follow says "Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, survive. Terminus."

Getting Glenn back

This scene is pretty spot on as well, coming from episode 4 of the first season, "Vatos". The bricks stand out a little bit more in the scene from the show, but otherwise it looks like a perfect blend.

So, what did you think of all of these real Atlanta locations? And are there any other shows you would like to see this done for?


What was your favorite shot?


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