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Comic-Con 2014 brought with it tons and tons of promotional footage. Photos had been leaked from the set, and everyday it seemed we were learning where Earth's Mightiest Heroees were shooting their next flick. Well, now we get a glimpse into their next big fight.

And, in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), they are SO DEAD.

This trailer could have served as a horror-movie trailer for the Avengers as there was no aspect of this in which it looked like a fight with Ultron was in their favor. Granted, they never showed any scenes of Ultron fighting, but rest assured that he's probably going to be able to take down the team pretty easily.

The trailer starts with a voice over from our boy Ultron, offering someone a glimpse into a world of terror, where the heroes are fighting a battle they can't win in a world that has evolved thanks to their surfacing. Villain-speak, typical stuff. We get some shots of Hawkeye and Cap looking pretty lost on the battlefield, as even see Thor drop his hammer. Uh-oh.

So, I mean, what's the dude whose talking look like? Well, we get to see. Ultron, misshapen and all busted up, walks into the room where all the heroes so far are just hanging out. He takes hold of a mangled up Iron Man suit and easily crushes it. OH SNAP.

This, the real trailer begins, in which Ultron is basically everywhere. We see him standing in front of the Maximoff twins instead of an Avenger like we thought, almost as if he is the one busting them out of HYDRA containment. Interesting. Then we see a whole of Ultrons, with blue eyes not red which probably means they're just minions, climbing up a hill, which means bad news to anyone on the topside.

To sorta contradict the shot with Ultron with the twins, we see Hawkeye running through a first getting fired upon by tanks and cannons, no doubt HYDRA. So, what I think could happen is that Hawkeye arrives to save the twins but finds Ultron there. He manages to convince the twins and a battle erupts between Ultron and the three Avengers. That would be a pretty sick fight, especially if it's the Ultron, not just a clone. Hawkeye is supposed to play a big role, anyway.

We get away from the action for just a second to see Tony Stark admitting that everything is his fault, but that they have to end it. Thor doesn't look to happy about it, though, as he takes Stark but the throat, in a very angry fashion.

Also Nick Fury spotting...WITH AN EYEPATCH.

A series of quick shots ensue in which Iron Man takes up the Hulkbuster to fight, obviously, the Hulk. This could coincide with the previous scene in which Banner is huddled up, trembling. Might Ultron or Wanda have gotten into his head...? It's the only real reason why Hulk and Iron Man would be fighting, unless it's like a training simulator like in X3. Which would be lame, for sure.

The trailer ends, though, with Scarlet Witch falling to her knees screaming and then, we see it. Thor's body is sprawled out and CAPTAIN AMERICA'S SHIELD IS SPLIT, COMPLETELY BROKEN. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH NO.

Then. Ultron finished the trailer by menacingly turning, obviously showing he is a giant compare to everyone else, and says he has no strings on him.

Ultron was singing evil.

But yeah, if you weren't hyped through the roof for Age of Ultron, or doubted that some AI gone wrong could really pose a threat, then this trailer should greatly reassure you.

Your move again, DC. Show us a good Ra's Al Ghul on [Arrow](series:720988).


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