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Jessica Rabbit revealed her next appearance at, and she's available NOW at Dark Ink Art

Don't miss Jessica - a hot new silk screen by designer Michael de Pippo

Not to give away all a girl's secrets, but Jessica Rabbit uses special metallic pink ink for her lipstick!

Special metallic pink ink adds some shimmer
Special metallic pink ink adds some shimmer

According to , all the animation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit was done using cels and optical compositing.

“One of the most difficult effects in the movie was Jessica’s dress in the night club scene because it had flashing sequins, an effect accomplished by filtering light through a plastic bag scratched with steel wool”.

Check out the Making of clip for this Academy Award winning film that mixed live action and animation:

If you're excited for Michael de Pippo's Jessica, don't forget to check out his Elsa too! Another lovely, misunderstood lady. She's not cold, she's just drawn that way...

"Frozen" by Michael de Pippo
"Frozen" by Michael de Pippo

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