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I love drive-ins. As such, I am extremely fortunate to live near one of the few remaining staples of a by-gone era. A certain type of movie fan joy spreads through me when I have the opportunity to enjoy films on an outdoor screen, under the stars, and from the comfort of my vehicle. The added bonus of being entertained by TWO films, typically for the price of one multiplex ticket, cannot be beat.

But like so many others, I do enjoy sitting in front of my flat-screen and watching a Blu-ray or DVD from my cozy sofa. So with that in mind, I figure why not attempt to combine the two and offer my suggestions for at-home double features: two films with shared themes that can be paired for your viewing pleasure.

This week's DVD (or Blu-ray as the case may be) Double Feature:



The connection here should be obvious: tornadoes. Both films fall into the natural disaster genre (side note: would SHARKNADO be considered disaster, horror, or awesome?) which can easily veer off into cinematic disaster if not properly executed. These two films work well as examples of what to do with the genre.

Both films follow similar story lines of storm chasers looking to study the destructive phenomenon of tornadoes. While on the hunt they are drawn into the turmoil that the storms have on the local citizenry. It all culminates with showdowns with monstrous twisters of epic proportions.

Back to back INTO THE STORM and TWISTER would make a nice one-two punch on a rainy day.

Have fun!


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