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Recently on a Facebook group with my fellow G33ks I came across a discussion that opened:

After watching this weeks, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Agents of Shield and Sunday's Walking Dead. I'm not gonna lie. AoS was definitely the best episode. Most detailed, most entertaining and better plot then all others put together.

I chewed on this for a while and began to realize that I don't think it's fair to make head to head comparisons because each show handles it's genre very differently. I began to realize that comparisons between them may not be entirely fair.

So let's take it one step at a time...

Marvel's: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Marvel's: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The conversation began with the OP stating that AoS had a better plot and was more entertaining. I for one agree that AoS has a deeper story line but let's be real it's fueled by a movie franchise that while only partly is informing their overall plot, is geared towards those who wish to continue within an established world that isn't necessarily depending on things we comic book fans already know while still dropping subtle nods to us.

We have seen major strides in the characters both new and established (cinematically, i.e., Coulson) and as a fan of the MCU I enjoy the continuity of the show and how it dips into what is going on. It makes me as a fan feel as though the MCU is a living breathing thing and that while time passes for me time is also passing there as well.

Still the fact remains that it's not geared entirely toward me, an established comic book fan. I may enjoy it but it's more geared toward anyone who loved the films and may not be a comic book fan but would like to stick around there. New stuff and nothing for me to really pick at. Frankly, creatively it's a safe bet and almost borders on not entirely a comic book television show other than the name and some thrown away easter eggs from time to time.

DC/CW shows Arrow and The Flash
DC/CW shows Arrow and The Flash


Now I lump these two programs together because they are both handled in like manner, so much so there is an anticipated crossover between both programs planned for later this year. Both shows, Arrow and The Flash, are primarily geared towards the existing fan base of the characters. That is to say the established comic book fan who has pre-existing knowledge of the characters already and is not looking for new information but is rather very much about seeing their iconic heroes brought to life as honestly as possible.

A formula that DC/WB/CW has proven works for them.

As an example, last weeks episode of The Flash **SPOILERS** gave us his first time running up buildings and on water which made me truly happy as a lifelong fan plus the series is very well establishing its fidelity to the existing content. I for one am ecstatic. In like manner, Arrow has recently introduced established characters, villains (Ra's al Ghul anyone?) and even some of the best gags from that title (Boxing Glove Arrow, need I say more?).

AMC's The Walking Dead
AMC's The Walking Dead


Finally the OP mentioned TWD. A program that needs really no introduction, the hype behind this show has been so overwhelming and it's fandom so well established that I think it's safe to say that everyone knows someone who has talked about this at some point. That being said, this program suffers from a very different issue in terms of it's goal and overall's safe to say they might be happier if fans NEVER knew there had ever been a comic book to draw from (no pun intended).

From the beginning this show has taken cues from the material but ultimately decided long ago to stay true to itself. Coming from an indie title of the same name it may have had some cult support but this program grew biggest among fans of the horror/zombie genre more than fans of the comic book genre. The stories are extraordinarily character driven and aside from where the plot takes us "next week" there is no overbearing concern for the direction the show takes from most fans.

Just keep em coming seems to be the consensus.


Aside from how the shows are shot or that they are all television shows based or brought forth by some connection be it small, medium or largely informed by an existing comic book or a six-degrees of separation connected to a franchise of a comic book (AoS) I feel like the comparisons stop there.



Which comic book show do you feel is the best overall?


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