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First of all dont worry everyone.....Battlefield Earth is not on my list at all, in fact i couldnt stand that movie but i thought i would play a little trick on ya. HAHA

So anyway heres to the article. Now i understand that alot of people will disagree with me but this is an opinion piece so don't troll me with comments about how im a terrible person or im an idiot for my own personal views lol. mainly joking but hey sometimes it happens.

I compiled this list with the first 10 great horror movies i could think of from 2000-2009. I stand by my choices for my personal reasons. NOW BUCKLE UP ITS GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE!!!

10. Halloween (2007)

not expecting that one
not expecting that one

I start my list of with this remake(not the only one on the list) that i found very refreshing. I loved how rob zombie incorporated the icons childhood more and made the movie as brutal as possible. Now i HATE ROB ZOMBIE MOVIES, i believe this is his only truly good film. But i am sure glad that he made this because his touch was needed(right place right time sort of thing). Needless to say the sequel sucked in my opinion but thats beside the point.

9. Friday The 13th (2009)

another remake....BUT BETTER THAN MOST
another remake....BUT BETTER THAN MOST

This second remake falls on my list due to the fact that for decades we were treated to horrible sequels(teleknises and space cmon guys) and a freddy vs. jason movie which was good for fun and all but we never really got a solid sequel after the first 3. They brought back the iconic mask but also gave many nods to multiple movies throughout the franchise. we also got a jason who wasnt some mindless zombie like creature but was more like an older human being who honed all these hunting skills by living off the land for so long.

8. Signs (2002)

Swing away
Swing away

there isnt really much to say here. i loved this movie and it was definitley shyamalans last really GREAT movie. And one of my favorite performances by mel gibson ever.

7. Vacancy (2007)

I will catch alot of flack for the movies i have missed on this list but i believe including this will get me more hate comments then anything else on the list (except maybe my number 1). This movie just came out really well and it benefited from having two really great actors in the roles of the helpless victims to be. It was the ultimate revenge horror movie that kept me on my toes the entire time.

6. Cabin Fever (2002)


This movie was just ridiculously scary. its seems typical horror, friends go to a cabin and now there is probably gonna be a killer.....but no its a flesh eating virus and there is nothing more terrifying than not being able to see your killer or stop it once it touches you. Eli Roth made the best film of his career to start it off and i anxiously await for one as good or better from him.

5. The Collector (2009)


This entry will also surely catch me some flack but hear me out. This was the only horror icon introduced in the whole decade aside from one other but thats for later. We were given the treat of a brand new horror icon from the creators of feast and the writers of the later saw movies Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. And they got everything right, uniquness from other horror legends, the way it was shot gritty and old school, not needed titty shot, gore, and best of all a believeable and excuse my language but fucked up ending.

4. The Grudge (2004)

Now i know its a remake but i liked the american one alot better. Look i saw this movie in theaters when i was a teenager and it scared the ever living shit out of me plain and simple. Now it did kick off a slew of asian horror remakes that mostly sucked but hey its not their fault right? RIGHT?

3. The Mist (2007)

THAT ENDING!!! I mean if it wasnt for that ending then i would put this in the top 25 horror films but the great movie leading up to such an amazing and horrifying endig of pure outright sadness lands this movie as not just one of my favorites from the decade but of all time.

2. Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

This movie was the first good zombie movie made in over ten years. And dont even get me started saying "its not horror". are you kidding me? it wasnt the zombies that were scary this time around it was the pure evil thjat humanity has to offer. i mean the whole side plot of the pregnant lady and her zombie kid and the insanely disgusting awesome way that zach snyder shot it was phenomenal. this movie injected life back into zombies as a whole. even george romero himself started making them again and they were delightful.

1. Saw (2004)

This movie has everything a horror fan could ever want. Gore, great acting, plenty of jumpy moments, terrifying killer, twists and turns, and did i mention billy the puppet and the equally creepy pig mask. This movie brought horror fans back to the theater by offering something that people had just wanted to see that they hadnt in awhile: a quality R-Rated horror film with a new icon. at this time all of the rage were the asian remakes and PG-13 ratings so that we can sell tickets to kids and all that. And the creativity and realisticness(yeah its a fake word lol) brought to the traps in this film in the series was amazing, you genuinely feared that it could happen to you as you walked out of the theater. i saw it(pun intended) at night and when i walked out with my friends i was very terrified that someone in a pig mask was going to capture me. I do not agree with SAW being labeled Torture-Porn at all but im not gonna go into that, you can read my article about that by clicking on my profile and finding that article.





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