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Doug Cowles

"2001" predicted a negative jump in human progress, (HAL), prefiguring issues we are still concerned with in Artificial Intelligence today, as well as a metaphysical jump in the human species - (the star child). "Interstellar" did the same thing with an abnormal jump for humans, permanent dust bowl crop conditions and blight - and also a metaphysical jump for the human species. In the case of "Interstellar" it is implied humans accomplished their own gravity equations and were able to move outside the solar system, whereas "2001" involved monoliths and possible outside forces. "Interstellar" may ironically be more skeptical than "2001" in that there is no higher force, what is earlier referred to in the film as "they", and that the humans have to leave the planet. Both portray major arcs in human evolution - and "2001" gets credit for being the first to do so.


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