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Manners maketh man, and exclusive screenings maketh my day! Earlier this week, I had the privilege of going to New York to see a special advance screening of Matthew Vaughn's new movie [Kingsman: The Secret Service](movie:713143), and meet the man himself.

If you haven't heard of Kingsman yet (and if that is the case, I'm not sure we can stay friends...) it's something of a cross between My Fair Lady and James Bond. You heard me. It's got all the goodness that comes from the classic gentleman spy movies but with a twist; we get to see the transformation from a no-hoper youth into a martini-swilling, ass-kicking, suit-wearing agent. Expect explosions, fighting, a villain with a grand scheme, and a pretty girl or two. What more could you want? If you want to know a little more about Matthew Vaughn's latest offering, check out these five things you need to know.

So why did I fly all the way to New York? Because this awesome new movie isn't actually in theaters until Feb 13th, and I'm not so great with the patience. Also, who would turn that offer down?!

After a much-too-early flight, I landed in the Big Apple and made my way toward the screening at the lovely Regal Union Square Stadium 14 cinema (Seriously. That whole thing is the name.), where I had the pleasure of being treated like a serious VIP. Skip the screening lines, skip the ticket lines, I got free popcorn and these little pink slips that made the ushers extremely excited to help me find my (reserved, front row) seats and make sure I was settled in. I feel like this may have spoiled me for every other movie I go see, ever.

After a quick intro from the man himself, we got down to the movie. Which, sadly, I'm not allowed to spoil for you just yet. What I can say is that it comes out right before Valentine's Day, and it's a surprisingly perfect date night movie (assuming your date is okay with gratuitous violence). Look out for a later article on why, exactly, a shoot-em-up spy film is perfect for V-day, because I guarantee I'll convince you. In fact, I may well go back for my own hearts-and-flowers day, and it takes a lot for me to actively see a movie in theaters more than once.

Cut to the next morning, where the lure of pancakes and Matthew Vaughn got me out of bed early and headed to a diner called (wait for it) Big Daddy's. Ah, the Kick-Ass-reference goodness! Here, I had an experience even cooler than feeling like I got that much closer to the red carpet: meeting one of my absolute favorite directors (not to mention some other Moviepilot creators and a couple new friends)!

Big Daddy's Diner
Big Daddy's Diner

I went in not expecting much more than a cup of coffee and a short speech, maybe a sound bite or a photo, but I got so much more. Over plates (and plates, and plates of food) Vaughn didn't just give us a little "thank you for seeing my movie" speech (although he did that too), but sat down at each table for around twenty minutes apiece. There weren't too many of us, but that still meant that the man spent a good three hours hanging out and talking, despite being admittedly exhausted. That's some dedication to your public, right there.

The man himself
The man himself

More than that, he wasn't working off scripts, or feeding us the right lines (or if he was, he is as good an actor as he is a director!) but just...talking. Getting passionate about things, going off on tangents, talking about his family and his upbringing, involving everyone at the table in a conversation. I am never sure what to expect when meeting someone I look up to, as it's gone horribly wrong in the past (*cough* Nicholas Brendan), but Vaughn could not have been more personable and unpretentious. You will be able to read the interview here on Moviepilot, just as soon as I publish it later today.

I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that he was so darn charming, given that Kingsman revolves around the importance of being polite, and he clearly feels strongly about this, but it was incredible nonetheless.

I had a feeling that Kingsman was going to make it onto my favorite films shelf, and this event just cemented that. I was excited when I first saw the trailer, quite simply because it looked like fun. So I read the books, and saw that it was also smart, and had a heart to it, a message I could get behind. Now that I've seen it and met the man behind it, all I can do (until I am given the all-clear to review it for you guys) is urge you to see it as well. Please. You can thank me later.

[Kingsman: The Secret Service](movie:713143) comes out on February 13, 2015.


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