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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is now out on Blu-Ray & DVD!

Some people seemed to be a bit disappointed with this sequel, stating that it lacked a sense of joy...

Did they see the first Sin City? Or read any of the Frank Miller's graphic novels? Joy is never a word one would necessarily associate with the series.

Sin City 2 is a very suitable follow up to the original film. Yes, it's dark and therefore could be considered 'joyless', but if you were a resident in 'Sin City' chances are you'd be pretty joyless too.

Cinematography wise, the film is equally stunning as the first one. The black and white aesthetic with pops of color makes for beautiful visuals juxtaposed against a stark and harsh set of circumstances in this world of debauchery and corruption. The actors do their job nicely, and each story carries its own weight to create a well weaved tapestry of a script.

[Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374) For is certainly worth the watch. It's debatable which is the better film between this and the first one, but the segment of A Dame to Kill For has become a fan favorite amongst the all the Sin City stories featured in the films. If you're still on the fence about whether or not you should check it out, keep in mind the knock out gorgeous Eva Green is naked almost the entire time!

And it's notable that this nudity is some of the best we've seen all year, as it's used in a very empowering way. It says a lot when the buxom beauty is flaunting it all and you almost forget she's not wearing a damn thing. The lack of clothes is so seamlessly used, that it feels like Green is completely comfortable in her own skin, and that power carries over strongly through her portrayal of her character.

Whether you think this film is too dark or not, the fact is that if you want to consider the world these characters live in (or shall I say survive in), it's going to be a tough, rough life for them. Following the events of the first film chances are, life's not going anywhere but down for these people, and this film reflects that. Joyful? Not quite. Badass? Quite.

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Ray Liotta's eyes will pierce through your soul.


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