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In case you weren't already dying to see the sequel to 2012 smash hit Pitch Perfect, Universal drummed up even more buzz with a clever concept leading into the brand new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer release. Fans voted and selected 24 major cities across the country to host Pitch Perfect sing-alongs - that's right guys, the FULL original movie in theaters across the country, with singing not just encouraged but required.

"That was a really good start"
"That was a really good start"

The idea of a sing-along isn’t groundbreaking by any means (think Rocky Horror Picture Show) but the marketing team behind Pitch Perfect 2 had a bright idea. Not only do us die-hard fans know every word to every song from the original (and love to sing-along) but we were rabid for a peek at what is in store for the sequel. So AMC theaters across the country who screened the sing-along showed fans the trailer to Pitch Perfect 2 hours before the rest of the world got a chance to see it the next morning. Ahhh!

Not only were fans given the opportunity to re-watch the Barden Bellas on the big screen again and be the first to see the trailer...some lucky fans in New York were surprised with a few Bellas in the flesh! Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld and Brittany Snow surprised one theater in New York City with their presence, donning aca-dorable outfits fit for a premiere!

Snow, Steinfeld and Camp
Snow, Steinfeld and Camp

Nowadays when trailers get their own trailers - or in the case of Fast 7 it’s own red carpet premiere - it’s cool to see a trailer release all about the fans! Best part is the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer didn’t disappoint even though I had to wait until 8am Thursday morning to see it like the rest of you awesome nerds!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here and let us know what you think!


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