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. Why Kubrick was and will remain to be the greatest director cinema has ever witnessed. In my opinion, all of Kubrick's work was unprecedented. Starting off, Kubrick is a master of framing. He's more of a theatre person or most of his frames are 'stationary' and are very very symmetrical - the opening scene of 2001 or the opening scene of A Clockwork Orange. In fact, there are dozens of shots in 2001 which are highly symmetrical. Kubrick has experimented with the camera more than anybody else has. Some of his camera angles/shots are really weird, for a lack of a better word. His tracking/dolly shots in Full Metal Jacket (during training) and, the famous Steadicam shot in The Shining, the extremely weird and unexpected quick zooms in Dr. Strangelove (zooming onto the controls in the airplane), the tracking shot of the astronaut taking a jog around the spaceship (just like a hamster) - all of these. Who else has pioneered to such lengths in cinematography. Absolutely unprecedented. Next, his scenes are, and I mean it, PERFECTLY timed with the music - take the most famous example of the opening scene of A Clockwork Orange. We see the camera zooming out of Alex's face and slowly, Kubrick makes us aware of Alex's surroundings. Alex finishes his voiceover and exactly the same time, the camera stops zooming and we hear a cymbal in the background music indicating the 'end' of it. That's how Kubrick is with his movies. He's a perfectionist and is VERY VERY pedantic and meticulous. I don't wanna start talking about his attention to detail: there's nothing to mention there (The Shining and 2001). Finally, I've come to notice that Kubrick has touched every kind of genre you can think of - let's start chronologically: film-noir, anti-war, epic, subtle romance, black comedy, sci-fi, satire, drama, horror, war and finally the movie with no genre so to speak - Eyes Wide Shut. And we've seen Kubrick ace it everywhere he puts his mind on. And look at the number of directors who've taken inspiration from him, so much so that some of them have their entire movies partially inspired from his works (The non-linear narrative of Reservoir Dogs and the visuals of Interstellar). That's why he's the greatest.


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