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Jerome Maida

Though publishers who have characters set to hit the big screen increasingly coordinate with movie studios to make sure synergy is taking place and some characters are being given series in anticipation of an upcoming, confirmed film - "Painkiller Jane" Co-Creator Jimmy Palmiotti says his character's relatively recent move from Dynamite to Marvel's Icon imprint had absolutely nothing to do with the character's upcoming feature film.

"(The publisher change) had nothing to do with anything", says Palmiotti. "We felt we needed to try Jane elsewhere and tried Icon. Looking at both, it made no real difference on any level since both imprints have a lot in common, and I love them both".

Palmiotti says the realities of publishing in the digital age may cause him to stop publishing the character in a serialized format and switch entirely to Original Graphic Novels.

"I think down the line the book will just have to be published by myself as a series of trade books", says Palmiotti. "The floppy nature of the monthlies is a hard sell for this character when it’s competing with a whole line of books at its own publisher."

This would upset me. I like my monthly dose of "Painkiller Jane".

What do the rest of you think?


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