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If you're feeling nostalgic for some of your most beloved cartoon characters, prepare yourself for a wild and twisty ride down memory lane!

Some talented artists have taken it upon themselves to humanize our favorite cartoon and movie characters and the results are quite amazing. Apparently the trend is called 'gijinka' and it involves giving human qualities to non-human beings including animals, objects and phenomena. Whatever it's called, I think it's fun and it looks like a real skill.

Check out some of your fave cartoon characters reincarnated as humans:

1. WALL-E and Eve

Even in human form WALL-E is read y for clean up!

Via Mixeur a Chakra

2. Marlin, Dory and the gang in Finding Nemo

You've got everyone in this illustration! Marlin and Dory are in the center running towards a cute little Nemo who is even wearing his clown fish stripes on his hoodie. Also is it just me or does Nemo have a missing hand, just like his small fin in the movie?

Via MissKainan

3. Mike and Sully from Monsters University

Loving the hair choice for both guys, and the fact that Mike's bangs leave him with only one eye, perfect!

Via Wagashima

4. Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

This gothic looking Toothless is pretty spot on, but the yellow eyes really cap it off!

Via Braincompass

5. Lightning McQueen from Cars

I can't say I've ever thought of what Lightning McQueen would look like as human, but now that I've seen this I'm certain if he were human, he would definitely have this slightly smug look on his face.

Via chaccko

6. Timon, Pumba and Simba from The Lion King

Ok so these three aren't exactly fully human (well, Simba at least...Look at that tail!), but they're so perfect with Pumba's little mustache and Timon's clothing.

Via chaccko

7. Daisy and Donald Duck

Cute Daisy and Donald looking pretty retro here. They even seem to have slight duck face look going on, the only couple I'd let get away with it!

Via chaccko

8. Dot, Yakko and Wakko from Animaniacs

Dot looks adorable, Yakko looks like his usual smart self, and Wakko is looking, well, pretty whack!

Via thweatted

9. Arlene, Garfield and Odie from Garfield

Human Garfield still looks like the type of guy who loves a whole lasagna, and maybe pulls the occassional all-night hackathon...

Via VampireMeerkat

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These just look like four awesome guys you'd want to hang out with...But not get on the wrong side of!

Via lorna-ka

11. Daggett and Norbert from Angry Beavers

I can't get over Dagget's goofy little face and snaggly teeth.

Via kcdstudios

12. Pinky and the Brain

The brain as an evil university professor with his rather less intelligent teaching assistant, Pinky.

via WonderDookie

13. Sandy, Spongebob, Squidward and Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants

Ohh Squidward, you always get the short end of the stick! Patrick looks like he'd be a handful with those colorful shorts and bright hair! Sandy on the other hand...

Via limey404


Which characters should they humanize?

Source: Dorkly


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