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Seriously, Russia, what the hell is going on over there?

Yesterday, we reported on a massive unexplained flash which erupted in the skies over Russia, and now it seems like the ground is also giving way.

An enormous sinkhole has recently opened up in the Perm region of Russia, following the collapse of a potash mine. Luckily, the town which sits on top of the mine was abandoned, which means no one was hurt when the Earth decided to spontaneously open up a hole to the realm of Hades and/or Beelzebub.

But The Danger Isn't Over Yet

Although this particular mine collapsed under an abandoned town, there are fears a connected mine could also soon follow suit. Unfortunately, the Solikamsk-1 mine is situated under an inhabited town, making things a lot more complicated. Only a concrete filled tunnel connects the two potash mines.

But, The Award for Most Apocalyptic Sink Hole Goes To...

Although the Perm sink hole is certainly impressive and terrifying to behold, it's got a long way to go before it reaches the pure biblical proportions of Turkmenistan's Door To Hell.

In 1971, Soviet engineers discovered large natural gas deposits around Derweze, Turkmenistan. However, while attempting to install drilling equipment, the ground collapsed and left a massive hole. Fearing the gas could poison the area, the engineers decided to burn it off. It was expected that the fire would only last four weeks, however the gaping maw in the Earth has been ablaze ever since.


My reaction to the Perm sink hole was...

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