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Ahh, Recess....How I remember running home from actual school just to go back to Third Street Elementary to watch T.J. and his cohorts get up to no good. But, alas, as I got older I moved on to the intellectual heady heights of adolescent programming - like Fresh Prince and Kenan & Kel.

We all must grow up someday, even the kids from Recess. But what would Spinelli, Gretchen and Gus look like all grown up? How would their formative college years shape them into the the people they would become? Well, thanks to the artistic talents of some awesome fans, we can look past the show's cancellation date and into the Recess future...

But first, a little something to get you in the mood:

Did that hit your nostalgia nerve? Good, now get ready to feel old...

T.J. Detweiler and Ashley Spinelli

T.J. seems to have grown out of his trademark baseball cap and is rocking a college football-style sports jacket. Has he become a straight-up jock? Meanwhile, Spinelli's beanie and leather jacket remain intact. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

[Source: bitprince]

Vince LaSalle

Vince's budding basketball career seems to have come to fruition from the looks of his fresh suit. Either that, or he sold out for a desk on Wall Street.

[Source: celestedoodles]

Gretchen Grundler

Gretchen's grown out of her pre-pubescent freckles and found a way to make her astronomically sized glasses work for her.

[Source: izzydoodledump]

Gus Griswald

Gus finally took the plunge and became a military man - from serving T.J. to serving his country.

[Source: just-ao]

Mikey Blumberg

Mikey seems to have lost a little weight, dropping the sandwich for the mandolin. Perhaps working for Greenpeace, I could see him tying himself to endangered trees and playing some sweet tunes by the camp fire.

[Source: just-ao]


Which Recess transformation surprised you the most?


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