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Five Minutes may be a zombie film of sorts, but it's one unlike you've ever seen before. In fact, 'seen' might be the wrong word since you don't just watch Five Minutes - you play it too!

You must help the main character, John, fight to retain his memory, the loss of which is a symptom of the zombie infection he's just been exposed to. It's a truly heart-racing experience when you're the one who's making sure the characters stay alive within the ever depleting time limit.

The game works through a series of button prompts that appear on the screen, and your performance will determine how the film plays out. It's a great idea that merges two mediums in a very compelling way.

The best part is the project is brought to you in part by one of our very own past Moviepilot interns! Interestingly, it actually started as a school assignment to shoot an ad. The co-creators, Maximilian Niemann and Felix Faißt, are both studying at Germany’s Filmakadamie Baden-Württemberg, where the origin of the idea started. Watch manufacturer Casio approached the duo and offered to endorse the project in return for contributing to costs, which seems to have paid off as it looks extremely impressive.

You should absolutely check Five Minutes out. Follow the link below to face the zombies for yourself!

Click here to play.


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