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I've been lost in the incredible land of Thedas for days now, and I can't get enough of it. Dragon Age: Inquisition is everything that I wanted it to be and more. I find myself talking to the smallest character, wandering around areas just staring at the scenery and working seriously hard at gaining the love of my followers.

There is so much to do in DA 3, that you may feel overwhelmed at times, but when it's such a pleasure to explore its world, this sensation quickly subsides. And as if Dragon Age: Inquisition didn't have enough for us to enjoy, there are some truly brilliant easter eggs that Bioware has hidden within this amazing RPG world.

But before we take a look at Mass Effect in Dragon Age: Inquisition, you've got to see these amazing easter eggs that feature throwbacks to not only ME, but Plants vs. Zombies and a really weird creature called The Lord of the Pies! Check out the Mass Effect universe tie-ins down at the end!

Falling Through the World in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Let's start with this crazy little easter egg first before we say hi to Mass Effect. This player was seriously creeped out after he fell through the map of DA 3, into this strange room filled with music that belongs in some kind of clown horror film. Not only that, but there was this bizarre pie creature wearing a top hat in it! What?! Can you imagine being the guy that stumbled upon this!?

Bioware, being the awesome developers that they are, actually responded to the video. Environment Artist Graham Kelly called it "the Lord of the Pies" and teased that more of them may or may not be hidden within the depths of Skyhold. They were seriously surprised that anyone actually managed to find this as they made it quite difficult to uncover. Love it.

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Mass Effect Gets a HEAD Nod

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Oh yes, someone managed to catch a Krogan in the land of Thedas and mount its head on their wall. Legend. Want to find it? In the Multiplayer Map: Orelisian Chateau, you can find this trophy room within the large mansion. Can you imagine if these two worlds actually linked in Mass Effect 4?! And someone went through a portal that transported them to Thedas...ahh must stop!

In The Hinterlands, travel to The Crossroads and go inside a small circular hut near the back of the town and you shall discover a letter! These are healer's notes, and if you read them, you can almost hear the voice of Mordin Solus. Don't believe me? Go check it out!!

Plants vs. Zombies!

Dragon Age: Inqusition
Dragon Age: Inqusition

Yep, EA have even thrown in some references to their successful indie title Plants vs. Zombies. In the area of Crestwood, head south from the Tree Trout Camp. Near a giant ridge you will find a farm called Linden Farm. At the back of the farm you can spot a peculiar sight - a row of massive flowers against a crumbling wall, each along a narrow column in the ground. Naturally, on these columns you will find some corpses. I love easter eggs!

Have you found any easter eggs on your travels? Let us know in the comments!

Mass Effect & Dragon Age Universes

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Now of course, the sightings of Mass Effect in Dragon Age, and also the other way around, aren't exactly indicative of the fact that the two are part of the same world. But just think about these theories for a second, because they are so so cool!

Some love to think of the world of Dragon Age actually being set in the future, as in its timeline lies after the events of the Mass Effect trilogy. This could perhaps hint at what happens after say, some force like the reapers wipes out mankind, or that magic is actually the evolution of technology.

Are you playing Dragon Age: Inquisition?
Are you playing Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Though what I love to think, is that this is one planet were mankind could have ventured, and lost all ties with their homeland and kin, now they only know of this land of dragons and mages. Perhaps this world is just one off in a distant galaxy that Shepard never got to see. Maybe one day they will claim that the Maker has arrived and Garrus steps out of the ship after Mass Effect 3 ended.

All pure fun speculation, but hey, a man can dream! What are your theories about how Mass Effect and Dragon Age are connected?!


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