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After the madness on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) last week with all the revelations involving Kai, Jo and the Gemini Coven, don't go thinking the action will stop there! The teaser trailer for episode 9, "I Alone" has been released and it looks like we might even have the beginnings of a rescue mission on our hands!

Check out the breakdown for the trailer below and watch the whole video at the bottom of the page:

Bonnie is the focus of this weeks episode, "I Alone"

Damon feels a duty to her after she helped him escape 1994 hell (fair enough!)

Bonnie even manages to talk to Elena!

Speaking of Elena...She apologizes to Damon for erasing all memories of their relationship

But Damon promises that they'll make new ones with a sweet cheek touch, aw!!

I can't wait for this episode, I tell you this much, they need to get Bonnie away from Kai as soon as possible, that guy is bad news, I hope they manage to put together a plan that works!

Watch the whole trailer for "I Alone" here:


You are team....

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