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With the massive news this week that Paul Wesley aka Stefan Salvatore will soon be acting in, directing and producing the upcoming, sci-fi action movie Convergence, rumors are rife that this could be the final nail in the coffin for [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853).


The film project was announced on Monday and the 32-year-old couldn't hold back his delight at the chance to play a darker character than the role we all know and love him for. However, while we're all tearing our hair out waiting to see Paul in his new silver screen role, this move also sparks off rumors that perhaps Season 6 will be the final season for The Vampire Diaries, or at least for Stefan Salvatore.

Despite Season 6 being, in my opinion, one of the best seasons of The Vampire Diaries we've seen yet, the ratings have not agreed. Damon's dramatic return to the present-day in episode 6 couldn't muster the crowds, with just 1.59 million viewers tuning in, a whopping million viewers less than the same episode in Season 5.

Unfortunately no episode in Season 6 has yet come close to hitting the 2 million viewer mark, a number that was fairly steady from Season 3 until Season 5. Why Vampire Diaries viewership has gone down is anyone's guess, but if they continue on their downward slope, it could quickly become the next show axed from The CW lineup.

So with declining ratings and a soon-to-be busy schedule, will Paul Wesley stay on? Luckily we know that the star has a contract for six seasons of The Vampire Diaries, but after that is anyone's guess, and with this new career in film, perhaps Wesley will choose to part ways with The Vampire Diaries.

Whatever Paul Wesley may or may not choose to do, the fact remains that with viewer numbers on the decline, the decision for him to stay on in The Vampire Diaries may, unfortunately, be taken out of his hands.

Argh, we hope not, Salvatore brothers forever!


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