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The magic of Spielberg's masterful thriller Jaws relies so much on the visual absence of the object of fear itself: the murderous great white shark. That's why these behind the scene shots taken during the film's production are so awesome, as they completely changed my perspective of the film. Seeing the cast casually play around with the monolithic mechanical beast is really strange. If you're a fan of the movie, they're a must-see - check them out below!

Oh, and get ready for some truly mesmerizing '70s haircuts.

Jaws' budget was originally set at $3.5 million, but due to production issues it ended up costing $9 million. Luckily it paid off, making $471 million total.

The shark was famously known as 'Bruce' among the cast and crew, named after Spielberg’s lawyer. But when Spielberg was particularly frustrated, it was also known as 'The Great White Turd.’

Though filming was originally scheduled to last 55 days, it ended up taking 159! Spielberg was convinced he would never be allowed to make a movie again due to this previously unheard of delay.

The victim in the opening scene was attached to two underwater ropes that were pulled to either side by crew members. This was supposed to make it look like she was being dragged around by the shark's huge set of jaws.

The now famous line 'You’re gonna need a bigger boat' wasn't even in the script, but was improvised by Roy Scheider.

During shooting on the Orca - the boat in the film - it began to sink with the cast on board! The camera was subjected to severe water damage and it was thought that all footage had been lost. Though luckily it was recovered after being rushed back to New York.

Rob Scheider lined up the final shot to kill the shark, causing a massive explosion. This was one of the last scenes to be shot in the film, though Spielberg made sure he wasn't actually present for it, fearing the crew would throw him in the water after filming was completed!

Brody’s dog in the film was actually played by Spielberg’s own pet pooch called Elmer.


Will you ever look at Jaws in the same way again?


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