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When it comes to Star Wars, there aren't too many things I haven't already heard a hundred times over - which, I'd imagine, puts me in pretty much the same boat as everyone reading this.

After all, it's arguably the most famous film franchise of all time, with a devoted, inventive and deeply inquisitive fan base - of which we're all part. So, we all know by now that Darth Vader was played by a whole bunch of dudes, that Han Solo was originally going to be a weird-looking alien, and even that George Lucas based Chewie on his pet dog, Indiana.

The thing is, though, there's always something more to find - and sometimes, that something is downright unbelievable.

Let's head back to 1983 for a moment, to an interview George Lucas gave to Rolling Stone while promoting Return of the Jedi. Fair warning, though - things are about to get a little weird...

First up?

George Lucas Invented Jar Jar Because Ewoks Weren't Marketable Enough

Asked about Ewoks, and whether or not he was expecting criticism for the furry little fella's, Lucas admitted:

"A lot of people are going to be offended by Ewoks. A lot of people say the films are just an excuse for merchandising: ''Lucas just decided to cash in on the teddy bear.'' Well, it's not a great thing to cash in on, because there are lots of teddy bears marketed, so you don't have anything that's unique. If I were designing something original as a market item, I could probably do a lot better."

The key part there?

"If I were designing something original as a market item, I could probably do a lot better."

So, when the time came, a decade and a half later, to create Jar Jar Binks - Lucas's logic, it seems, was almost entirely defined by the ewoks: create something unique, and unlike anything else on the marketplace.

The only problem?

We ended up with Jar Jar.

That isn't all Lucas had to reveal to Rolling Stone, though...

Lucas Designed Return of the Jedi for Kids - and Thought it Was 'Incomprehensible'

Yup, that's right - if you had asked Lucas his thoughts on Return of the Jedi back in 1983 - and Rolling stone very much did - he'd have told you:

"Jedi is almost incomprehensible in certain areas. It's designed more for kids...The plot runs along for a five-year-old who doesn't understand any of the machinations of the thing. But you can go back and look at it again and still find it interesting."

Which...kind of makes it seem as though he was watching a whole different movie to the rest of us...

But, it also seems to have been part of a process that ultimately led to the pace of the prequel movies...

Lucas Didn't Much Care For His Own Writing...

As he put it:

"Whatever little event in history that Star Wars is going to be, at least it's done. If people want to look at it, they can look at the whole piece. That dumb screenplay I first wrote ten years ago is at least finished. It's all in a movie now."

Which - seeing as the next 30 years would see Star Wars remain a global industry - didn't quite work out the way he expected....

...or Think People Would Like Return of the Jedi...

Instead taking a more 'it'll do' approach:

"I was always contemplating rewriting the story, making it into more, because it was originally written as just a simple thing. It wasn't meant to be the giant phenomenon it turned out to be. You say, ''Well, now is this gonna live up to the phenomenon?'' But I ultimately decided to stick with it and say: ''Look, that was the way it was written ten years ago, and this is where I was coming from. If it's not good enough, then tough luck. You have to sort of have that attitude. For better or worse, I like it."

Which, in fairness, worked out pretty darned well.

...and Was Happy to be Rid of the Series

As he revealed:

"I've put up with Star Wars taking over and pushing itself into the first position for too long. I've been trying to shove it back. Every time I kick it down, it comes rearing its ugly head back up again. This time I've kicked it down for good, I think."

Which makes the existence of the prequels kind of fortunate, it seems...

The best part, though?

The Photo Shoot for That Article Was INSANE

Which you can see more of, right here.

The big question now, though?

What do you guys think?


Favorite George Lucas revelation?

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