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Stanley Kubrick: legendary director, unrivalled auteur, cinematic god. Whatever you want to call him, he's undoubtedly one of the best. I've often thought if I could have asked him one single question before he died, what would it be. 'Are the moon landing conspiracy theories about The Shining true?' perhaps, or 'Why were you so often drawn to adaptations rather than original screenplays?', or maybe...

'What's your favorite color, Stanley?'

No, I'm not returning to my days of hard-hitting elementary school journalism - it's a genuinely valid question and one which seems to have an emphatically definitive answer:


The extremely talented video editor Rishi Kaneria has put together a wonderful bite-sized clip of Kubrick's use of red in his films. Kaneria commented:

Kubrick has always used red to great effect—not only for atmosphere but for the fact that the various meanings ascribed to red echo many of the themes in his films.

Don't believe him? Just take a look:

The Elevator Scene - The Shining

Singing in the Rain - A Clockwork Orange

Private Pyle's Suicide - Full Metal Jacket

Dr. David Bowman - 2001: A Space Odyssey

The Tricycle Scene - The Shining

Red features so prominently in so many of Kubrick's iconic shots, it's hard to ignore. Watch Rishi Kaneria's exquisitely cut video below:


Did you notice how important red was in Kubrick's films?


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