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No Man's Sky

Awesome name for a game, right?

This soon-to-be-released awesome looking game looks... pretty incredible.

Taking a minecrafty idea of a vast, open universe which the player can explore, this games universe features, aliens/animals, spaceships, SPACE (very important). You can basically do whatever you bloody-well please from the looks of it.

The description of the game on the game website is a bit like this:

"A science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe"

Which. Sounds. Awesome. And techy. And sortof Sci-Fi-esque too, really.

My brother (@EvanBarrell on twitter, follow him), found an article on this game on 9GAG ( , this is the link to it, thank you 9GAG post-person). he then visited the website, which looks amazingly amazing and awesome too (

Clearly, there is also a video of gameplay:

Which just looks... Awesome. I can't handle the amount of awesome. it makes me warm inside. You feel it too, Right?

I feel this post is incredibly confused. This mainly because I, personally, have been waiting for a Sci-Fi universe game like this. It is COMPLETELY explorable (Is that a word?) Every star you see when YOU FLY OFF OF A PLANET IS A SUN WITH LOADS OF PLANETS AROUND IT!!!

This game is basically the mother of all open universe games.

Also, in the description, the "Infinite procedurally generated" bit MUST mean that it is a universe that constantly changes, that ages, that learns (well not learn, but you get my meaning).

The release date is yet to be announced. I hope it's soon.

'Nuff said.


Does this game sound and look awesome?


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