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The ridiculously talented concept artist Romek Delimata recently uploaded some of his concept art for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, and it looks amazing. So amazing that they've got my inner child bouncing around like it's on a sugar rush!

Despite its negative critics, there is no doubt that the film looked good, and the inclusion of The Bat came as a great source of excitement for everyone involved.

The Bat

The cockpit looks absolutely badass and complicated. Good thing he's the world's greatest detective.

Here's a more hi-res version...

I adore the plastic-y, heavy duty eighties action movie look of the interior. You'd feel superpowered piloting this!

Here's the Bat and the Cat dodging tram fare...

Another great inclusion in The Dark Knight Rises were the camouflaged tumblers with rocket launchers and heavy guns. The terrifying future of war. In Delimata's concepts, they came across like something better suited in the Metal Gear Solid series of video games.

Ultra Tumblers

With, what I can assume is a laser cannon atop and tank treads for wheels, this would be a formidable addition to any futuristic artillery.

The tumbler on the bottom right looks like it should be protecting outposts in space! So, so, so very cool!

We're getting closer to the tumbler from the movie, but this one includes two handy turrets on the top.

I wish I could draw.

Batman Don't Do Windows

This is awesome! The way it would fold together to slide out of the floor is genius. Wonder what OS he would use on this? Straight up black ops Linux. Six monitors and three tablets for keyboards, I could never tell he was a multi-billionaire!

I love having a look at the ways movie design could have gone. It's a damn shame that these ideas weren't used. Citing a lack of realism couldn't be possible, surely. They were created for a supermovie after all! And what a super movie it was!

(Source: Romek Delimata)


Would you have liked to see these designs in the film?


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