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Nothing but a good check on the mastermind himself Oswald Cobblepot also know as Penguin. I believe that Penguin's plan for control on the Falcone family or Marone Family was planned before he started working for Fish Mooney. Eventually Cobblepot will rise from the gutters someday.

A few weeks ago. We understood the alliance with Falcone, when he approached him in his chicken farm and displayed the flashback seven weeks ago when Penguin confessed him plan to Falcone. This Alliance with Falcone has given the trust for him. Penguin will eventually stab Falcone in the back just to get to the top of the Food Chain. The Marone Family has nothing to do, they've have become the puppet to the Falcone Family anyway.

It doesn't come to mind that the return of Cobblepot to the GCPD gives a great shock, knowing that Cobblepot has Gordon in his reach. He can use the GCPD to bite at Gordon. The GCPD have a restraint when it comes to dealing crimes, an example is Victor, one of Falcone's highly elite henchman.

The Outcome for Penguin might either be Death or the Control of Crime in Gotham.

Penguin can easily get Fish killed due to Fish's blindness in Penguin.


So what going happened to Penguin?


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