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White Fox is based on Kumiho, the mythological nine-tailed white fox of South Korea. From what I've learned from Avengers Electric Rain, each of the nine tails represents one her abilities. We've only got to see one of her powers so far and it's she can change the strength of her fox claws. In this case, she made them strong enough to cut through a building. She can make them stronger or weaker when she's fighting people so that way she just cuts them and not slice them in half.

There she is in action. Alongside Cap and Tony.
There she is in action. Alongside Cap and Tony.

Marvel recently added the Korean heroine White Fox into Avengers Electric Rain and mainstream universe. I know it's not a lot to go on, but they are in South Korea in the movie and the roster is confirmed to be altered by the end. Just something I wanted to get out there.

This post will be updated periodically. I am intrigued, so I am hunting down Avengers Electric Rain.

White Fox is South Korea's government hero. I would assume South Korea anyway. It's only called Korea in the comic. This comic is so dope! It has to be translated to English first. That's why it takes a bit to get em. If you are interested in reading Avengers Electric Rain

Why I think she could be in the film

In Avengers Electric Rain, under the Avengers Alliance Contract, the South Korean think-tank requests Tony Stark's help to crunch some data. Hawkeye went solo in South Korea under the radar. Some pretty complicated stuff could happen between the U.S. and South Korea if they are caught operating in foreign soil.

But getting back to White Fox. I am led to believe that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are Avengers by the time the film hits South Korea.

See what I mean?
See what I mean?

In the comic, the crisis they are responding to is a building coming to life and then shutting down. Later we realize that building looks like an Iron Man suit. I am pretty sure that's not why they are in South Korea for the film though. So you think Ultron is throwing those cars? Or do you think Hulk is out of control and trying to smash Captain America? Both of those situations require the attention of the Avengers. I'm not saying White Fox could be in full costume during the movie. I just think her origin story, tweaked or left alone, could be set up for the movie. Shit is going DOWN in South Korea cuz!

From what I gathered from this trailer...

Black Widow, Captain America, Quicksilver and Hulk are in South Korea.

Black Widow
Black Widow

I'm guessing Cap lost his shield in combat and Natasha retrieved it. In the trailer, she dropped out the Quinjet on the motorcycle. The Quinjet looks huge, I'm thinking it might be the Avenjet from Avengers Assemble.

The background looks the same as the other South Korea photos. So this makes me think that Hulk is the one throwing the cars at Captain America.

You know what? I think Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch are here too (I think. It looks like Italy, but I'm not 100% sure) No Iron Man? No Thor? Why? Here we go. I'm sure this scene takes place after the Civil War clip. That means Thor is on Asgard for this part. And Tony? Ultron hacks and controls his armor ALL the time so Tony is probably the one piloting their vehicle. Without his armor of course.

To fit White Fox into the madness? For all we know, she could be that South Korean woman at the Avengers Tower (I know her actress was confirmed, I'm not sure about her character though).

The more I read Avengers Electric Rain, the more I will be slightly disappointed if White Fox isn't in the film.


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